Real Men Wear Pink

TEMA Roofing Services is working to raise money for the American Cancer Society as part of the Real Men Wear Pink campaign. Our goal is to raise $2500 in donations. According to Vice President Scott Froelich, “Breast cancer affects everyone – it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. That’s why I’m stepping up […]

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Torch Down Commercial Roofing

Find Quality Commercial & Industrial Roofing Services in Ohio

Getting the perfect roof can take effort, but with the right contractors by your side, you can get the roof you always wanted. Whether you are trying to get a roof installed on a brand new home or are relying on roofing services to spruce up the space you already have, we can help. Tema […]

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loading commercial roof

4 of the Most Common Commercial Roofing Services and the Issues That Cause Them

Whether they are unforeseen or obvious, roofing problems can always be a pain as well as an expense that can be significant. There are some roofing issues that occur more often than others and as such there are specific roofing services that are needed more often than others. These issues can be caused by failure […]

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Professional Commercial Roofing Services: What to Look For

Commercial Roofing is a task that can be extremely dangerous and most definitely it is one that is best left up to professionals. It doesn’t matter if you are just in need of a few tiles on your roof to be replaced or if you need an entire new roof or just a bit of […]

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Key Benefits of Working With Our Family Owned Roofing Company

What you can expect from our family-owned roofing company We’re very proud of being a family-owned company. We think it’s one very good reason why you should hire us to solve your roofing problems. But why? What’s so special about being family owned? Let’s take a look. The same great quality standard as when we […]

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Four Essentials for Successful Roofing Project


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