Commercial Roof Inspection to New Construction Design-Build Services

TEMA Roofing Services is the most trusted commercial roofing company in northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

Existing Commercial Roof

24-Hour Emergency Roof Repair

Our expert staff is available around the clock to address emergency commercial roof repair needs. Depending on the severity of the commercial roofing issue, we can be onsite within hours in order to correct and prevent further damage to your building’s roof.

Roof Asset Management

Our Roof Asset Management program is a fiscally responsible way to manage costs for your building. TEMA’s commercial roof maintenance program offers a wide range of services designed to ensure that your investment lasts and that warranties remain intact.

Roof Repair & Roof Restoration

TEMA offers several solutions when restoring your roofing system in order to extend its life and maximize your investment. With over 50 million square feet of commercial roofing installed in our history, TEMA has the experience needed to deliver a high-caliber project. 

New Commercial Roof

A Comprehensive Guide On Cooperative Purchasing For Schools

Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative purchasing helps both public and private organizations save time and money by eliminating the RFP process and gain access to trusted Design-Build services. See how TEMA’s involvement with multiple cooperative buying organizations can positively impact your business.

Design-Build Services

Design-Build streamlines the commercial roofing process; you sign one contract and have one point of contact from start to end. With the designer and the contractor on the same team, solutions to your commercial roofing problems are addressed quickly and without conflict—speeding up delivery by over 33%.

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