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EPDM vs. TPO Commercial Roof: Which Is Right for You in Youngstown, OH?

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In Ohio, roof design impacts a commercial or industrial building far more than in most places throughout the country. That’s because our state experiences (some type of) severe weather year-round. In spring, tornadoes and heavy rain steal the show, and snow is known to make an appearance October through May! Read more

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A Comprehensive Guide On Cooperative Purchasing For Schools

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Early Signs of Commercial Roof Failure & Need for Replacement

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How to Keep Costs Lost when hiring a roofing contractor in akron

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The roofing industry is projected to grow to over $5 billion within the next several years. And, with so much investment and time spent on roofing, the field is constantly evolving to include new or improved options, including rubber roofing.

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Urban population growth and the increased number of commercial buildings has had a huge impact on the environment and human health. Read more